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  1. I bought 3 plots of land after which I learnt that lands bought from u are subjected to renewal after 50. Is this true?.

  2. Please are you guys registered,well-known and certified by GREDA? What shows that you guys wouldn’t fraud your clients?

  3. Kas estate isn’t genuine…You guys are not delivering as you said…how can I not receive my documents after 2years of payment and also come back to reduce the number of years for the land renewal to 50years….this isn’t right u guys should check yourself

    1. You may not understand these things. The documentation process takes a long time from the lands commission. It goes through all processes and the number of customer base has increased as well. You will definitely get your documents.

  4. Pls I bought a land from Kas golden city community 4 and could not pay within the installment date 2014 . I was told I will pay 600 ghana for documentation and pelnaties . How long will the documentation take pls ?

    1. The documentation process would start after you have made the final payment. The process can take 6months-1year or less.

      1. Can you start building while the documents are being process (i.e. after full payment)? because 6months to a year is very long.

  5. Hey there! I want to know if this estate agency also have a already built house that i can pay and pay in installments or only lands thank you.

      1. Please am a graduate from the technical university, with HND building technology and I will like to work with kas estate please is there vacancy for me

  6. Pls I have finished payment for my plot,I was asked to check in after six months,but still is not ready, please when is it possible for it to be ready

    My plot name is Atilo William and Christabel Mensah, golden city comm 8, I have some one farming on it, easy to pick all pillars

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Thank you

  7. do KASestaate help in land title certificate ? if so how much it will cost to register one plot of land.

    2.after receiving the indenture from you what else i need to do in terms of land documentation.

    1. KAS helps in land title certificate, you need to come to the office if you need to do that with all your land document.

      After receiving your documents from KAS you need to now register the land in your name either by yourself through lands commission or KAS can do that for you at a cost.

  8. Pls I wanted to know if the price listings comes with the real land ownership papers? And after payment of all required amount, how long will it take to get the ownership papers? (Eg. I pay all amount of price on the day of purchase. When will I get the ownership papers?)

    1. After full payment for your land. documents are ready within 3 months or more. It may depend of processing agency, but its always within 3months.

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