Current Project under construction in the communities.

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  1. There is a two plot (separate location) of land at Akraman old site for sale. This site is already developing with settlers in the community It only requires a transfer of ownership for documentation. Interested person should call 0249499338 for a site visit.

    cost is 25,000 and 20,000. Payment terms within 30days.

  2. We would want to serve within your estates in terms of waste management….would be grateful to engage you further

  3. I want to buy a land at obom juction from you guys,but please i want to know if your lands are litigation free lands???

  4. Do you have a package where you build and client pays a deposit and moves in and the difference is spread over a period of time e.g. 5 years through monthly payments?

  5. please we bought a land in 2012 we were supposed to finish paying in 2014 but due to financial problems we coudnt so now there is additional fee on it can we come and pay and then take possession of the land the land is at golden city ashalaja

  6. i need a plot of land at amasaman to buy, can you actually give the exact location in amasaman and what will be the size of the plot.

  7. Hello,I’m Nana Kwame
    pls I want to know after payment if you start developing your site and you couldn’t complete in the number of years given to you to develop your site what happens to your land and pls your lands at amasaman do they come with free blocks too thanks

  8. Hello Admin,

    I bought a plot of land at Doblo Gonno from your company some years ago. I want to start with some development but I am being harassed by land guards to pay digging fees which I have already done so some few months ago. How can your company assist me to know the right person to pay the digging fee to ?

    1. Do not pay any money to any land guard or person who may claim digging fee. Digging fee is only paid to the company who pays that to the land owners.
      Talk to the secretary (Anas) at the head office or go there or show your receipt the land guards and let them know that you have paid the digging fee to the company.

      thank you

  9. My brother please explain to me you payment plan for Amasaman plots how much is the deposit I want to send someone please give me your what’s up number on my email

  10. Hi KAS..
    Please i need two plot of land at Amasaman but my problem is i want the land already cleared and would love to pay for one and the other in installment..and how long will it take for the document..thank u

  11. Hi my name is kofi how much is the size of 1 plot and also how much is the price of the plots at potsin…is it the same price as shown on webpage…

    Please you can inbox me in my email

      1. i called your office they told me in cash is 3500 and instalment is 4000…am confused please MR.william……if there is any change in price please update us on your web page

  12. Pls I’m at Tarkoradi want a plot to buy from ur company but I don’t know the area of which your plot are located that much, do u Pls have a site closer to Tarkoradi and the name of the have an office at Tarkoradi and if, can I get contacts n location?

  13. Please do u have land for sale at Pokuase. And which area is the land located pls . Really ready to get two plot of land there pls

  14. Hello Please wanted to know if the old site still have land available on sale.. and does any of this old site also comes with free blocks and sand .

  15. Hello Please a friend said he has bought a land at your office for more than one year now .He has not receivedany of the land document from your office. .Please it this is true how can this encourage us to do business with your office .. because most of this real Estate companies are also dping the same mistake.

    1. For all issues on land, documents visit the office….everybody who buys a land would get his or her documents once we finish processing it.

  16. Pls, can I know when you will be going to the land at portin(winneba road). I have checked the price and I’m ok with it. But I will like to see where it is.. . Cos you have two locations at portin. Thank you

  17. Pillars paid for has been scattered at Golden City and now we can’t even locate the plot but we have finished paying. What next

  18. please am a student of kwame nkrumah university of science and technology, oferring construction technology and management. please i want to enquire if there is an opportunity for me to come and learn and also have some field experience in your company during vcations.

  19. Can I get a three or four bedroom apartment to buy in Tema?
    If yes, what is the cost?
    Will be paying in installments please.

  20. I have a land, I want your company to develop it for me.
    So I can’t pay it instalment is that possible

  21. Hello,

    Do you currently have lands at Oyibi. i checked the buying and price site and did not see any oyibi land. How much is it going for

  22. hi,

    can you please help with the location of Hobor. i cant find it on google map however am looking for a land close to amansaman.

    also when do you do site visits.

  23. What Happen if you don’t start developing on your land after finishing payment. Because right now I’m in serious financial crisis which will make it difficult for me to start developing the land.
    And can you sell it for me if I want to sell it.

  24. i am a Ghanaian living in Austria and looking for partners in the Building Industry to supply very good high quality doors . Made in Germany .excellent craftmanship .I will be shipping some next week . Should your firm be interested , please get in contact with me , i will send you pictures and my contact person in Ghana .

    Please note , my doors come with the frames hingis , locks with keys and high quality handles .

  25. Do you still have plots of land at POTSIN Off the Winneba Road (Villa 2) and how far is it from the HighWay?

  26. How long does it take to get your documents ready after making full payment. Because I have paid everything and is more than 1 year I have still not receive my documents. So I don’t know what is going on

  27. Please I would love to know if your buying and selling catalogue has been updated,because I would love buy a land at obom junction and I want to know if the price is still 5,500…thank you

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