Sites visit are organised by land owners to visit their lands to know their land location, to clear the land and to undertake projects during site visits.

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  1. Good afternoon sir,
    please i bought 1(one) plot of land from your company and i have finished paying of it but i don’t know where the land is located. please when should i come over to be able to go there. my work place is Ghana Airport co. Ltd

    Thank you.

    1. Please visit the office and get to know where your land is. Ensure you start your project too.

  2. Please I want to buy a land at koffi kwei but wanted to know where it is located any landmark

      1. Please, I have forwarded your concern to the office, BUT please visit the office and follow up.

  3. please I’m Nana Kwame. I needed a land in around Amasaman where almost to township, how much please

  4. Hi I am buying a plot of land from some one who bought it from kas estate please how do I verify if its validity.

  5. I have seen documentation fees but would like to ask if the land documentation fees are different from the the actual prices of the plots of land for sale and how long does it take for one to get his/her land documents/title deeds when he/she pays for a plot

  6. pls after buying a land from KAS and paying all the necessary documents example: digging fee, change of land tittle etc. can i use my own architect for my building plane and buy building materials from somewhere else

  7. Pls sir, is there any restrictions on me not to present my own building plan for my building when its not a gated community plot?. Besides do I have to pay additional money for my documents?. And after payment and ready to commence work how do I get my digging and building permits. Thanks

  8. Hello Boss,

    Good afternoon. Please I visited my site at Deyoung Comm 3 and witnessed a remarkable development in the area. Please my little concern is that, I will be grateful if KAS ensures that land owners follow the road demarcations to make the area look like the spintex and legons we know since some residents claim they bought theirs from the chiefs.
    Again, the electricity cables have been dispatched. And i hope those in charge of installation will not exempt us.
    Thank you very much

    PLOT NO: 116
    REG NO: 88
    TEL: 0244747289

  10. Hi please I am a student but I want to own a land ,I want a land at a cheap price 3000 cedis but I will be glad if you can agree on monthly installments number is 0272272773

  11. Hi Admin/WilliamPious,
    A trusted friend directed me to your company because I am in the market of buying a plot of land. I emailed you using the email on your website but it did not go through. Please, what is the correct email to use.
    Secondly, do you still have plots available with the “old site packages” ?
    Third, after I have selected an area, can I pay directly into a bank account after I have gone to see the plot?
    Thank you.

  12. Pls am Derrick a want to buy a land on the amasaman-accra road hw Will I loacate ur office and do u sell half plot


      + 233-(0)302-967-658

      + 233-540 207 626
      + 233-264 049 238

      Monday – Saturday
      8:00AM – 5:00PM


    1. Landowners or once you have the land you have the responsibility to develop or do your own site visit. Do not wait for anybody or wait as a group to develop your land

      1. Hello please I want a single room self contained house ,I will pay in installments .my name is kwame please how much will I pay and where ?

  13. Please can i get a land in Amasaman close to town? and what do you think the price range would be..thanks

  14. Hi William. Currently going through the plot sites and can’t find my community “Papaase- Lebanon city 2” listed- Is there any explanation for that?

  15. Please I need a plot of land in Accra, but I want a better place that is closer to Accra. Can you help me contact your company on whatsap or wechat?am not in Ghana now. Thanks.

  16. Hello, lm interested in buying a plot at Amasaman and lve learnt l will pay a registration and a pillar fee before you can register me on a monthly installments. Will those fees be included in the total price of the land or its escluded? Pls advice. Thanks

    1. It’s only the registration fee that will be included in the total cost of the land…the pillar is your property.

      Thank you

  17. Dear Kas,
    I hope you can be in the best position to clarify this doubt. can Kas lands owners make their lands title registration individually?I have a plot of land at Royal City C10 which I intended to begin developing it some months back.However, Kas did issue me the digging permit anyway to commence with the construction work.Subsequently, when I went to the Assembly to get the permit,one of their requirements listed was the land title certificate and as I haven’t registered mine yet,I therefore issued them with the indenture in place of the title certificate yet they are still persisting me to go and register it or else, I still don’t own a land Even though,the permit is in process.Please, at this juncture, what step should I take next?

    1. Pls I wanted to buy a land from KAS ESTATE and will like to know whether the documents fee is part Of the outright price. If not then how much could a document fee for a plot land cost. Also how long will it take for the documents to be ready. Thanks

  18. 1. When will Amasaman-Akraman plot going to be ready again for sale? I need a plot there
    2. Please do u require the people to build the same style or house plan?
    Thx Mr. Admin

  19. Please i will like to no the locations of you lands and the price
    Tel 05oo227089 i will be waiting for your reply. Thank you
    best regards Rashid

  20. Hello sir please may I know some of the documents u offer to your customers for the lands? And how long should a customer wait for he’s or her indenture? my last question is when a person finished paying for the land without the documents can that person start with he’s or her project.

  21. My name is mashwal sulleyman Sana am in usa I have a land at royal city com8 my plot number is 801 and still not get my documents and I pay all they ask me to pay and am building 70%

  22. Hello Mr admin, pls I have purchased a plot of land at grate city which am paying in installment but I want to know if your lands are freeholds or leaseholds, tnk u.

  23. plc i own 1 plot of land at dachyira where i acquired from yr company ,i have paid have of the amount plc i now want to change for nsawam site,plc is it possible

  24. Mr. Administrator,

    What’s the size per plot of land? and i would like to know as an estate agency your part in developing a particular estate as in security wise, proper road layout, lightening(on the part of the community) etc…


    1. This is based on where you buy the land some locations are gated communities where the company takes responsibility for security wise, proper road layout, lightning(on the part of the community) etc… But you will be responsible for the building

  25. Hi, am Kumate, I would like to make enquires about your Lands, first I would like to know how much its your land per plot cost. I would like to know if u have to pay by cash or by installment and I would like to know the areas or the locations of the plot of lands that you have available. Thanks

  26. Please can someone come for his or her initial deposite , if he or she doesn’t want the land again. Due to financial difficulties.

  27. Admi.pls I want to purchase a plot of land from your your company. Pls can you give me the locations and the prices pls. Best Regards

  28. i have asked this question several times with no reply from the admin.
    we have a land at golden city but at the last time of checking teh land has not been cleared and leveled. when will this be done and would it not remove our plotted points and we will not recognise our land

    1. Hello Vivian, Once you register and do your first payment of the land, you become the owner and it’s your responsibility to develop the land. That is why we give you the right to start building once you start payment of the land.

      If you have not as yet started doing anything then you should visit the land often to weed or clear the land.

      I also hope that you are aware that you have been given up to a time to develop the land after which it can be taken from you, if you are not ready to develop the land within the given period.

      Thank you.

  29. Dear Admin,

    During my conversation with a colleague from my work place about your company he decided to also get a plot or 2 at Assaladja com 10. Is it possible.
    kindly let us know the earliest.


  30. Yea boss, I together with several other land buyers were asked to convey at Presby junction-Ashaiman to be taken to Diamond City-Comm 1 for plot allocation on June 11th 2016…Buh we were later informed the patch of road leading to the site had been flooded due to the rains.. We were then asked to go and then wait for a call informing us of another set date when the patch becomes motorable… We took to this with all the displeasure and suspended all suspicions of foul play,and yet we still haven’t had any updates from KAS estates… Can you please tell us what is happening?..

    1. Kindly contact the organizer for the particular event, there was a leader for the visit, if you have the persons contact, please call for further details.

      Thank you.

          1. I wonder why you could not provide an answer or assistance to such a concern. How can he found out when you are not ready to get up from your seat to assist?
            Of what use is it that you are an admin then?

          2. Each department and individual have responsibility related to the department and the office.

            Thank you

  31. How much for a plot of land near amasaman township. Do u have half plot also near amasaman township. If yes how much

  32. I would kindly like to know,if your current buying and pricing policy on your website is the complete and current prices of land you have available…thank you.

  33. Hi admin,

    Will KAS ESTATE assist us with electricity at Kofikwei golden city com 6? Or are we going to do that on our own? Thank you!

  34. Dear Administrator,

    Am just following your answers and comment to all pertaining issues.
    I guess this platform will he also the best place to share my issue.

    Am one of the land buyers at Lebanon city-Papasi No 2. But for the past year complains for the land to be changed because it is in a valley.
    As we speak now nothing has been done about it.

    The person paying for the land has in his custody the remaining balance but abusive he visit l don’t get an answer.

    I therefore need you support to enable me start up my project

    Thank you

    1. You are given one year to start developing the land after the duration of payment period. The actual requirement is that you can start developing the land once you start with payment of the land.

      Thank you.

  35. Dear Kas,

    I have a land with you at Royal City Com 10-A (ASSALADJA)which I paid cash within 2 days. You made clear to me that am not paying digging fee that I can start my project. you gave me 1000 Blocks free of charge which I appreciate.
    I started my building before I left the country. last month my wife called send trip of stones and 1000 blocks to the site for continuation. The nest moment she went to site part of the building was broken and half of the new blocks.
    Could you tell me what the issue was?I am still not in the country

    1. With this issue it needs to be investigated but first let her go the office and report. I am not sure what might lead to the break down of the part of the wall or building, I just hope it not a weak or poor project they did which led to that, it is also possible. It can’t also be land guards since we have no business with them, so I am wondering where this may be coming from. Even if land guards they would be there to warn you to stop work but as I said, they are out of the question. Let her visit the office and report. Thank you.

      1. It is not a weak/poor project. She went to your office to report this and was told to come today. again today was told that THE PROBLEM WAS RESOLVED she can continue the project. How can she continue. How can she continue without knowing the cause of the damage? please am not satisfied with your reply. kindly tell me was causes the damage and also advise

    1. You may decide to get lands along the road side which you can use for that purpose but this would mean that you need to come to the office for such discussions.

  36. Please it looks like you are not interested in selling the land at Akuse why? Is not moving like the others how can some of us who have choose the site go there to develop it. Please do advert for us too. Pleaseeeeeee

    1. It is the wish of KAS estate that all lands would have been develop within the shortest possible time but it takes that land owners to develop the land. There are measures that are put in place for land development, even with KAS estate would come in when the time is due.

  37. Please can I know if Daniel Mensah popularly known as Mr. Tee is your agent and you are responsible for the lands being sold at Jei Krodua Lebanon 2. Am interested. When is site visit to those lands please.

    1. When you are not sure with things like this and with other questions for clarifications come to the office

  38. Can i go ahead and push for a land title certificate after i have had my site plan/indenture?… Is one allowed to do that under your current policies?.. And if no, why?…

  39. Pls do u document the land for the one buying or the person does it by him/herself. I u also the one to get permit for the land owner before building, pls inbox me tru my mail

  40. please how much will it cost me to have land tittle certificate or register my land and how long it will take

  41. pls sir i need some clarification on the re-documentation after the 90 years. do we pay the current charge at time or the current charge at the time the land was purchase thank u

  42. Please do you still have land at Kofi kwei if yes please let me know. Also I don’t understand me renew my land after that period of time you are talking about.

  43. I would like to know what happens when you finish paying before said date… as I’m interested in a one at Potsin. ?

      1. Please why are people not doing advert on the land at Akuse to get finished like the other places since you want the person to develop the land in a given period, what we happen to me when I finish payment since that place is not developing and you are not helping

      2. Please why are you people not doing advert on the land at Akuse to get finished like the other places since you want the person to develop the land in a given period, what would happen to me when I finish payment since that place is not developing and you are not helping

  44. I just finished with the payment of my 3 plots in December and realised that there are some lands at Doblo Gonno that I’m interested. Can I swap my lands for the one at Doblo Gonno and add the difference.
    Please is this possible.If Yes, what is the procedure so that i can put a stop the documentation of this my 3 plots

          1. Pls can I start paying for blocks at villa site for the near future n if yes how?

          2. You can start…but let the office take you through the process for that. You need to visit the office. Thank you.

  45. Leye

    I suppose to finish my payment for land at Obom junction at the end of this month(Jan.2016)Pls what happens if i could not complete the payment.Will i lose my land.IN fact what is the penalty for this default,Though am not happy per this situation but one thing i know is that I WILL FINISH THE PAYMENT BY THE GRACE OF GOD,AMEN.

    1. Thanks. GHC50 penalty applies after the due date of payment. What it means is that GHC50 would be charged every month on the areas. If you default 5 months you would pay 50*5=250 plus the areas.If the areas is 2000, you would pay 2000+250. Penalty is based on the number of months you default.

    1. Jei -Krodua and Danchira (ROYAL CITY) is after Amasaman.

      From Amasaman = Ashalaja = Danchira = Jei-Krodua (ROYAL CITY)

      Thank you

  46. I just came in contact with your land sales and want to know when are the sites visit.And also where is Kofi Kwei?

    1. Site visit are on Saturdays. But you need to book in advance since we have a lot of people visiting per week. Thanks

  47. Hello Admin, first you are doing a good job with all the answers, i want to know if you have a land in Amasaman around Ayikai Doble for sale?
    If yes, what is the price please? And if not around the area i just said, then will want something close the roadside of Amasaman.
    Please, can you send replies to my private email address?
    Thank You

  48. pls come clear on the issue of redocumentation after ninety years at the cost of the current charge of ghc600 cos the value of ghc600 today will be like 60gp after ninety years which will be of no value. Be bold to tell us the truth that there will be an increase in the cost of redocumentation after ninety years. our grand chikdren are going ti bear the cost of all these which is very bad.

  49. Hello

    i recently paid my initial deposit for two plots of land and received my registration document

    on reading through, i realised only one bank and its account number was listed

    please is it possible to get the details of another bank to make subsequent payments a bit easier

    thank you




    1. What you should know is that the land is given to kas for 90 years as the leasehold . By the time the land is processed and made available for sales, it takes a number of years to sale them out completely with the time span given for the development of the land. By the time the land is sold out with the documentation process 40yrs is allocated for the time period hence in Kas document you 50yrs as the leasehold period.

      I hope this clarifies your concerns.

  51. May i know if your land is freehold or leasehold ? if it is leasehold then it is for how many years.

    i have one land at Great city Com 7 and Lebanon Com 5


  52. Good morning, I need a two bedroom self-contain house at obom ( is the obom lands located in kasoa).
    Please how much will it cost (currently)

    1. The current location for the ready 2 bedroom house is located at Ashalaja (Amasaman), The cost is GHC120,000. Payment is 40% deposit and the remaining 60% should be paid within 12 months.

  53. Hello Sir,
    I am having a plot with you at Royal city,i cleared all the bill and waiting for my documents.
    My brother went to plot with the secretary,but they can not locate the borders of my plots.He promised him to come after August,then they can go to the plot with the surveyor but the told him he should come another time.

    They told me to start something and we want to start work now the surveyor who should show the limit of the plot is not availlable.
    the probleme was a carterpilar came to level the area and my pillers were removed,and even the secretary can not sees them.

    or can the surveyor go to the plot and make it visible my borders for me alone or compulsory my brother must follow him?

    Thank you.

        1. Yes it is compulsory to develop the land within the time frame you are given. If you are not able to do so what happens it that KAS would take the land and give you another location or new site.

          Thank You

  54. I would like to find out the cost of a one plot land at a convenient place. I want a land that’s not far and might be around amasaman or pokuasi.I would love if you can forward me all the land prices through my email. as I will inform one of my mates to come to your office. Regards

  55. Dear Admin,
    Following up on one of the response above, could you please tell me exactly the full details of the renewal after 50 years.
    Also after payment of any of the lands, is it mandatory to develop it as soon as possible? if yes how soon and what happens if one refuse to develop it within that time?

    1. For the renewal process, all lands are leasehold for 90 years not 50 years like said earlier. After the 90 years you need to process the land documentation again. And the current land documentation fee is GHC600 Which means that after 90 years you pay the current charges for documentation process.

  56. I just purchased 2 plots of land at Obom and would be paying in installment for 2 yrs. Can you also provide me with building materials on hire purchase (payment in installment)? If yes, pls let me know and also how to go about it. Thanks.

    1. With regard to the materials yes you can do installment payment but you need to come to the office and discuss that. Thank you.

  57. Hello Admin, I will be happy if you could explain to me the one who bears the cost of documentation after paying for the Land.
    2. I am in Brong Ahafo Region hence I can’t be coming to Accra to make payments, I want to know how long I could keep the pay in slips before presenting all for my receipts?
    3. Why don’t you have Great City on the list of communities?
    Thank you very very much.

    1. Felix, If you buy a land and pay within the time given for installment plan the organisation bears the cost of documentation. When you fault in payment for the cost of land or finish payment after the installment date then you will take the cost of the preparation of the document.

      You may keep all your payment slip and submit it in one bulk, just make sure you do not misplace them so that anytime you come to Accra you can submit them for the official receipt. To be on the safe side you can also scan and send a copy to us, just for reference but bring the hardcopy for the receipt.

      I would check on the great City and include in due course.

      Thank You.

    1. That is land title registration or lease registration as a land owner, which means after 50yrs you need to renew your lease as a land owner.

      1. So meaning if i pay 6,000gh for a land purchase, after 50yrs i will pay the same amount again? please can you come clear on this please…

        1. All lands are leasehold for 90 years not 50 years like said earlier. After the 90 years you need to process the land documentation again. And the current land documentation fee is GHC600 Which means that after 90 years you pay the current charges for documentation process.

    1. Hello Sir, your lands are secure as long as you have finish payments. The only problem is that you need to start doing something on the land and maintain within time

      1. Pls I wanted to know if the price listings comes with the real land ownership papers? I mean the documents And after payment of all required amount, how long will it take to get the ownership papers? (Eg. I pay all amount of price on the day of purchase. When will I get the ownership papers?)

        1. After full payment for your land. documents are ready within 3 months or more. It may depend of processing agency, but its always within 3months.

          Thanks You

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