De-Young City

Welcome to De-Young City community page. Since 2011 through to 2014 development of the community has been very slow but with the settlement of some few members of the community, attention has to be drawn to members to develop their land to make living within the De-Young city community a comfortable one.

We are glad to say that after our January 2017 landowners meeting, close to close to new 50 projects has started in addition to the existing projects.

Don’t say you are waiting for people to move or settle there before you settle, others have settled there so you must also start planning to settle there. If we all are waiting for somebody to settle there who is the somebody we are waiting for. It is you and I.


Landowners who want to start developing their land are encouraged to do so since it is now easier to do virtually anything without fear or worry.

There are members of the community who are also working with KAS Estate to see to the development your land, provide your plan and money and we take care or develop your land.


Since 2017 the first meeting of the year was held on Sunday, January 15th which brought together about 50 landowners of the community to discuss the following Layout Roads for the community, Lighting, and water. This can better be achieved if members of the community have started and completed their project.

MEETING DAYS: Every 2nd Sunday of every two months.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 2 March 2017

Contact Person:

William Pious Akakpo, (Secretary)

Plot 102 (PAPEE-JAY)

Phone: 0249499338,